2015 - Fausto & Friends

2015 – Coral Cadman

Coral Cadman is an accomplished singer-songwriter that is well known in the Riviera Nayarit region.  According to Coral…

My mother says that the first song I learned to sing (at age 3) was “Hernando’s Hideaway”, followed by the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer jingle! Ay! With Irish DNA on both sides of the family, a sharp wit and musicianship prevailed in the family atmosphere.

On my father’s side of the family, everyone played a musical instrument, so I grew up singing around Grandma Fernie’s piano, and started to beg for music lessons at age 5, but my folks didn’t have the resources…After a few years of convincing them that I’d ride my bike across town to practice daily, they agreed to it, and at age 10 I started piano lessons. I was classically trained on piano and cello, but naturally inclined towards rock, folk, jazz, blues & gospel. My sensibility as a singer-songwriter, and interpreter of North American, Canadian and Spanish language songs is still flowering after all these years. My love of a well-turned lyrical phrase and a gorgeous melody and harmonies is at the center of what inspires me.

Coral Cadman

Coral Cadman

I play several traditional North American folk instruments including, autoharp & dulcimer. I sing and write lyrics in English & Spanish. Fausto Robles and I have played together in a quartet, a trio and now a duet, here at the San Pancho Music Festival over several years now, and have held concerts and “Noche Bohemia” events at the Sanctuario de la Yerba Buena in the Sierra Madre, and at Terrazola in Sayulita, with Julio Cabrera. I’ve also played meditation music at Haramara Retreat off-and-on over the years.

“It is an honor and a joy to be participating in the 17th annual San Pancho Music Festival.”  And we are equally excited to have Coral join us once again this year!