2015 - Martin Montenegro & Julio Cabrero

2015 – Martin Montenegro & Julio Cabrero

The son of an excellent singer of the Sierras, Martin Montenegro was born in Carreras, Durango.  Economic hardship caused his mother to take him to Mexico City where he became interested in music at the early age of 3 or 4 years old.  With time his mother realized Martin’s musical orientation when she heard him playing “by ear” the melody of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on a small piano.  The piano was very small and it thwarted him because it didn’t have enough keys to play the full melody.  Realizing this shortcoming, Martin began looking for these missing notes.

He played guitar in his teens, and was self-taught.  Martin learned the flute in high school.  At 17 he married, and moved away from his music to devote himself to his family. It wasn’t until almost his 30’s that he resumed his musical career.  Martin pursued formal studies at the “School of Music Northwest” in the city of Tijuana, BC with the usual courses in music theory, harmony, counterpoint, choral ensembles, music appreciation, piano, and so on.  In the following years, he performed as a pianist in various jazz projects.

2015 - Martin Montenegro

2015 – Martin Montenegro

In 1993 Martin began his classes with tenor sax player Eduardo “Tico” Valdez.  In 1994 he arrived in Puerto Vallarta where he continued his musical training, and now conducts major projects for the music community, specially jazz.  Martin currently devotes his time to music, composition, production, and photography (his passion).   For him the most important forum is where there is someone willing to listen to either of his many orientations.  That is when he oils his sax, and starts playing his music in a lyrical / romantic style.

By the way, Martin continues to wonder… Where are these missing notes?

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