Bob & Dana (Frida’s Eyebrow) – 2011 Music Fest

Frida’s Eyebrow was born spontaneously at the 1st or 2nd San Pancho Music Festival (no one can recall?). It originated during an impromptu sing along with Dana and Trish, during set-up for the Festival. Bob (who was escaping a long and illustrious Rock and Roll career) and Dana (who was named Yoko Ono by his band for letting him retire), were on a winter’s reprieve from the Great White North. In the subsequent frenzy that arose during this spontaneous outburst, a rather wild and harried Gator Chaser named Ronny Ray, and a wicked Mandolin player from even the Greater White North named Wayne, joined them onstage. It was immediately apparent to those present that a slice of Rock ‘n’ Roll history was born that evening in the form of: Louie Louie!

Peter – 2011 Music Festival

Since that fateful evening the band has morphed each winter, depending on which musician friends are in town.  Pete joined the group in 2008 as their So Very Hip bass player (and official band practice enforcer).  He fell in love with the ukulele while working at a surf shop on the East Coast (do you call that surfing?) and well…. the rest is the stuff of local lore and legend.

We are excited to have Frida’s Eyebrow return with its full cast of characters to this year’s Music Festival.

Frida’s Eyebrow is returning to this year’s event after performing for several years in the Music Festival.

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