Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher – 2011 Music Festival

Dave Fisher is a resident of San Pancho, and has been a favorite for several years at the Music Festival.  Dave is a seasoned singer / songwriter who has been crafting his unique rhythmic and lyrical style ever since he picked up a guitar five decades ago.  Though strumming a guitar for 50 years, Dave says he has given up all hope that some day he may learn to play it.  Welcome to Dave’s world – where idiosyncratic guitar strumming provides a rhythmic canvas for the pictures and stories that he paints with lyric and poetry.

2011 - Tony on dobro (Sons of the Beach)

2011 – Tony on dobro (Sons of the Beach)

The 8 O’Clock Band will be serving up a main menu of Dave’s musical molotov, which will be spiked with a couple of timeless classics that showcase Tony Kovacic’s “meat-and-potatoes” lead vocals against the melodic growlings of his bottleneck guitar, the dobro.  Tony has played in the Music Festival for the last 2 years, and has staged with Son’s of the Beach from Lo de Marcos.

Backboning the band is another San Pancho resident, Joe Hadlock, whose inimitable style on keyboards has evolved through his career of 40 years in the music and recording business.  He designed and built the now famous Bear Creek Recording Studio on a farm near Seattle in the late 70’s where he worked with many artists including Eric Clapton, Lionell Ritchie, The Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, James Brown, Heart, Bill Frisell, The Seattle Symphony, and many more.   Whether sampling an edgy, percussive staccato or airy arpeggio (and everything in between), it’s thanks to the genius of Joe Hadlock’s musical accompaniment that this trio manages to maintain their “man’s best friend” status while being, in fact, only one flea short of a dirty dog.  Joe will also appear elsewhere in this year’s Music Festival lineup.

Joe Hadlock (Trigger-happy Goldfish)

Joe Hadlock – 2011 Music Festival

The group will perform from Dave’s diverse and original songscapes that range from an Ozark-tinged, country ballad “Jonny Cheep Cottonshot”,  a fantasy-rooted, jazz-inspired love song “My Lady of the Rain“,  an ode to longevity ambushed by a New Orleans funeral “I’ll Carry On”,  a scorched-earth, kamikaze-chorded, war-is-hell commentary “Smack Dab”, and a “life-could-be-good” mercifully melodic, finale “Set Me Free“.

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