Beto and Carlos – 2011 Music Festival

Beto and Carlos Gonzalez are a father and son combination that have performed in the San Pancho Music Festival almost from its inception.  Father Beto has instilled his love of music throughout his family, and is often accompanied by his son Carlos.  Together they perform both popular and classical Mexican ballads to the delight of the audience.  Occasionally daughter Carlita will join them on the stage to add to the vocals.  This year all 3 will take to the stage to offer their versions of local and Mexican music.

Beto Gonzalez

Beto and Carlos Gonzalez are major contributors to the organization of the Music Festival, and have been for many years.  As a cornerstone to the success of the Music Festival, together they provide logistical support, coordinate with many of the regional artists, and donate much of their sound equipment and time to the event.

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  1. It seems I remember in years past that the performance began in the early afternoon, thus allowing that part of the day to enjoy the music… There must be a reason for starting so late in the day?

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