Festival FAQ

Your Questions Answered!

Where is the Festival located?

The Festival is located in the village of San Pancho, officially named San Francisco, in the state of Nayarit, about 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, about 45 minutes on highway. The Festival is held at the Plaza del Sol.

Are there transportation services from Puerto Vallarta?

Yes, there are. The COMPOSTELA bus line (green and white buses) typically run 2-3 times an hour to the north coast. Look for LO DE MARCOS in advertised destinations on the bus windshield. From the airport, take the pedestrian bridge over the main highway to catch the northbound buses. Not all COMPOSTELA buses go to Lo de Marcos. From the airport to San Pancho, the bus cost is approximately 75 pesos.  Alternatively, one can catch a bus to the neighboring town of Sayulita and take a taxi from there to San Pancho. The cost of a taxi from Sayulita to San Francisco is approximately 150 pesos.

TAXI service is available from the airport. The cost of a taxi from the Puerto Vallarta airport to San Pancho is approximately $800 pesos or about $550 pesos if you walk across the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the highway. Prices are subject to change, please check in advance when planning.

Driving directions

0– from the airport it is 23 miles to San Francisco (San Pancho). Go north on Highway 200 toward Compostela/Tepic.

2.2– a traffic circle, continue toward Compostela/Tepic

8.9– town of Bucerias spreads across both sides of the highway.

13– the road narrows from 4 lanes to 2 lanes at an overpass.  Here is an occasional military checkpoint looking for drugs. Highway 200 becomes a windy mountain road.

20.5– intersection for Sayulita, continue north for three miles.

23.1– intersection for San Pancho.  Sign says San Francisco, take this left turn, continue over the bridge and toward the beach

IMPORTANT: If someone is behind you, pull to the right shoulder and wait for traffic to pass. Then, you can safely turn left across the highway.


23.5– the soccer field is on your right, continue straight.

23.6– elementary school on your right, continue straight.

23.7– the skate park is on the left, and filled with many trees, continue straight

24.9– intersection with Calle Mexico, take a right turn and follow to Plaza del Sol on your left

What is the parking situation?

The streets of San Pancho are crowded and parking is challenging. Guests can find parking on side streets.

How much are the tickets?

 The San Pancho Music Festival is free to all. The generous donations from sponsors, friends of the festival, local businesses, and the audience allow the Festival to continue to provide high quality musical entertainment at no cost. We encourage donations each night during the event.

Is there lodging in San Pancho?

Yes. There is lodging in San Pancho, in Sayulita which is 3 miles south and in Lo de Marcos which is 7 miles north.  There are many options to choose from ranging from very affordable to higher end accommodations. Lodging is commonly booked during Festival week, so plan ahead.

Are there camping facilities near the Music Festival?

There is no organized campground in San Pancho and there are no sanitation or shower facilities open to the public.

Can you describe the venue?

The Music Festival is hosted in the Plaza del Sol, across from the Catholic church and 2 blocks from the beach. There are 2 stages. The main stage faces a large seating area. The smaller stage is on the west side of the seating area.

I am a musician interested in playing at the Music Festival. How do I apply?

Fill out the Interested in Playing contact form and a Festival organizer will be in contact.

The Music Festival provides a small honorarium for every musician and food and drink at the Festival. If interested in performing, booking is done early so please fill out the form as soon as possible.