Music Festival T-shirts

For our 20th Anniversary, the Music Festival is now offering premium t-shirts with the Anniversary logo.  All proceeds from the sale of our t-shirts go directly to the Music Festival to support its continuing efforts to provide a diverse range of quality musical entertainment to the public. 

For a limited time Music Festival t-shirts are available during the week prior to the event at LUNA LAYNE’S and CERVECERÍA ARTESANAL SAN PANCHO, both in San Pancho.   Owners of both establishments are residents of San Pancho, and have offered to provide performance schedules, general information about the Music Festival, and to accept donations.  Maps showing their locations can be found here: WAYS to DONATE.

T-shirts will also be available in a limited supply at the Music Festival in Plaza del Sol.

Support the Music Festival … Buy a T-shirt for only $300 pesos!

$300Mxn – Turquoise Tshirt
$300Mxn – Peach Tshirt
$300Mxn – Fuscia Tshirt
$300Mxn – Men’s Red Tshirt
$300Mxn – Men’s White Tshirt
$300Mxn – Men’s Blue Tshirt

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