FAQ’s & Questions

Here are several questions we are commonly asked about the Music Festival and the services in San Pancho:

How much are tickets?

    • The San Pancho Music Festival has never charged the public to attend the performances, and it is still free to all. The generous donations from numerous sponsors, friends of the festival, local businesses, and the audience allow the Festival to continue its legacy of high quality musical entertainment at no cost. The festival features continuous music by 27 bands over 3 nights.  To see many of these bands in the area would cost MEX$300 per person just for one band. We encourage donations during the event, which is what makes this great event possible.

Where is the Festival located?

    • The village of San Pancho, officially named San Francisco, is located in the state of Nayarit, about 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. It is reached by driving north on Highway 200 for about 45 minutes. San Pancho is located 3 miles north of Sayulita, a very popular surf destination.  The Festival is held at the Plaza del Sol. Directions can be found under the topic EVENT INFO on this website.

Are there transportation services from Puerto Vallarta?

    • Yes, there are. The COMPOSTELA bus line (green and white buses) typically run 2-3 times an hour to the north coast. Look for SAYULITA and SAN FRANCISCO destinations advertised on the bus windshield. From the airport, take the pedestrian bridge over the main highway to catch the northbound buses. Not all COMPOSTELA buses go to San Pancho or to Sayulita. To SAN FRANCISCO, there is about 1 bus every hour; and the passage is $35 pesos. Alternatively, one can catch a bus to the neighboring village of Sayulita (2 buses every hour; cost $20 pesos) and take a taxi from there to San Pancho. Taxi service from Sayulita to San
      Pancho runs about $150 pesos.  TAXIS service is available from the airport, but can be much more expensive than a bus. TAXIS from the Puerto Vallarta airport to San Pancho cost around $800 pesos or about $550 pesos if you walk across the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the highway.
    • For further transportation options and details, click this link to San Pancho Life:   Transportation Details

Is there affordable lodging in San Pancho?

    • There is, and in Sayulita 3 miles to the south of the village.  Hotels and bungalows are commonly booked during Festival week, so plan ahead.  Several sponsor the Music Festival website so check our SPONSOR and FRIENDS section for more info.
    • San Pancho Life also provides lodging details, and can be viewed by clicking:  Lodging Details

Are there camping facilities near the Music Festival?

    • There is no organized campground in San Pancho.  While it is legal to camp on the beach, and many Mexican families do so, be aware there are no sanitation or shower facilities open to the public.

Can you describe the venue?

    • The Music Festival is hosted in the Plaza del Sol, across from the church and 2 blocks from the beach. There are 2 stages, the larger, main stage faces a large seating area, with the second, smaller stage off to the west side of the seating area. The Plaza is beautifully landscaped with mature trees, shrubs and some grassy areas.
    • The event is Festival seating so bring your own chairs, or relax on the planters and grassy areas if available.  Food, drinks, beer, and snacks are available for purchase during the event.  Food sales and dining is separated from the seating area. However, attendees commonly eat and drink at their seats in the main seating area.  Some plastic tables and chairs are available on a first come, first serve basis.

I am a musician, and I’m interested in playing in the Music Festival.  How do I apply?

    • The best method to inquire about openings in the future is to use the Festival’s website, and select EVENT INFO, then INTERESTED IN PLAYING This will take you to a contact form where you may submit initial contact information.  A Festival organizer will provide you the necessary information to be considered.
    • Please be aware that the Music Festival does work on a limited budget, and provides a small honorarium for every musician and food and drink at the Festival. If interested in performing, please fill out the form by September 1 of the prior year to be considered.

2 comentarios sobre “FAQ’s & Questions

    1. Thank you for your interest in San Pancho’s annual Music Festival! We’ve received your inquiry, and we would like to suggest that you subscribe to our website to receive the latest news and schedule updates. Please visit our website home page at: https://sanpanchomusicfestival.com/

      This year’s dates are Friday Feb. 23rd through Sunday Feb. 25th, 2018. We have a great lineup of artists this year. Organizing the timeline of the schedule always becomes a last minute challenge. If you choose to subscribe to our website, you will receive the finalized schedule as soon as it is available.

      We hope to see you there…!


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