Directions to the Plaza

  • 0– from the airport it is 23 miles to San Francisco (San Pancho). Go north on Highway 200 toward Compostela/Tepic.
  • 2.2– a traffic circle…continue direction toward Compostela/Tepic
  • 8.9– town of Bucerias spreads across both sides of the highway.
  • 13– the road narrows from 4 lanes to 2 lanes at an overpass.  Here is an occasional military checkpoint looking for drugs. Highway 200 becomes a windy mountain road.
  • 20.5– intersection for Sayulita ….continue north for three miles.
  • 23.1– intersection for San Pancho.  Sign says San Francisco…take this left turn, continue over the bridge and toward the beach

IMPORTANT:If someone is behind you, pull to the right shoulder and wait for traffic to pass. Then, you can safely turn left across the highway.

  • 23.5– soccer field is on your right…continue straight.
  • 23.6– elementary school on your right…continue straight.
  • 23.7– the Park is on the left, and filled with many trees.
  • 24.9– intersection with Calle Mexico, take a right turn and follow to Plaza del Sol on your left
San Pancho Music Festival Landmarks

San Pancho Music Festival Landmarks

PARKING: Use the perimeter of the Plaza and side streets for parking.

4 comentarios en “Directions to the Plaza

  1. Dawna Hammers

    Hi, I am a friend of Chas Eller’s. I am a pro performer and recording artist. Would love to come play at next years fest. How can I submit my material? Wishing you all the best and hope to hear when you’ve rested from this years! Have a blast! Dawna
    PS Please check out my website!

    1. Chris Parsons Autor

      Thank you Dawna, for your interest in the Music Festival. We have yet to begin considering the 2013 Festival, as this year’s event is in full swing. Our lineup this year is proving to be marvelous… the crowd is responding very favorably. So we will definitely want to consider a lineup as good or even better for the 2013 Festival. Someone from the Festival will be in touch with you in the near future. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Music Festival website for current information and images from this year’s event.

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