Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons - LightStyle Photography
Chris Parsons – LightStyle Photography

Chris Parsons has been an enthusiastic fan of San Pancho’s Music Festival since moving to San Pancho in 2006.  He has been involved with the Festival’s organization since 2011.  Although Chris has had no direct involvement in the music industry, his background in project management and information management technologies has allowed him to be a valuable contributor to the Festival’s ongoing growth.  Not to mention his love of music.

With 20 years in the technical and information management industry, Chris is known for developing the first quality assurance and service management system for residential developers in the United States.  As the Director of IT for Shea Homes, he was responsible for developing and implementing various management systems that integrated the business practices of one of the nation’s largest and most successful developers.  With Chris on the management team of Shea Homes, his systems helped lead the company on a quality initiative that resulted in the company receiving the California Governor’s Award…. presented by the Governor of California.

Chris Parsons
Chris Parsons

Chris developed the Music Festival’s website and continues to manage it’s content.  Much of the promotional photography is provided by Chris through his company LightStyle Photography, as well as the majority of the images in the Festival archives.  He is often seen at the Music Festival with cameras in hand, capturing the magical moments of the event and it’s performers.

Many of Chris’s images of the Music Festival are found in the galleries of this website, with some of his more creative images under Public Domain at his website LightStyle Photography.

Chris is also responsible for promoting the annual event through regional publications and online resources.   He also provides logistical and technical support to the Festival’s other committee members, and to the volunteers that strive to present an exceptional entertainment value for the public every year.

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