Tatewari – 2015

In the tradition of the Huichol indians, Tatewari is the oldest Huichol god, also known as Hikuri, the Peyote-god. He is personified with Peyote plants on his hands and feet, and he interprets all the deities to the modern shamans.  Tatewari is the source for the name of a wonderful group of young artists known well in Riviera Nayarit.

The core of Tatewari are two talented musicians from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, in Nayarit, Mexico.   Esau Galván Saltos (rhythm & lead guitar) and Daniel Marquez (bass guitar) are high school friends who have been performing for over five years in a variety of establishments in the region of Banderas Bay.  It was during an amateur music event at Ana Banana’s Bar in La Cruz that Tatewari was born.  They were 16 at the time, and as they continued playing regularly at “El Jardín del Pulpo” in the Huichol Gallery “Hikuri” in La Cruz, their eclectic and distinctive sounds of rumba flamenca, fusion, and world music captivated the audiences.  Occasionally childhood friends Cruz Alberto Perez and singer Perla Alarcon would join them in their performances.

2015 - Tatewari
Tatewari – 2015

In 2006 the Tatewari journey started in the little fishing village of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit Mexico, with three of its original members, Esau, Mimi and Dani, childhood school mates, who had a dream. Their vision was to become a world class Flamenco band. In the Fall of 2011, Sonny Davis joined forces with these “sons of La Cruz” and together they have forged a path to accomplish their goal by studying, mastering and sharing their talents and love of Flamenco music in it’s traditional renditions, as well as to creatively offer their own compositions, improvisations and interpretations of the Flamenco style of music, infused with Rhumba, Jazz and spiced with a little Mexican heat.

Today the Tatewari band consists of Esau Galvan Saltos, Cruz Alberto Perez Ramirez (Mimi), Dani Marquez Ortega and Sonny Davis. These four young men have become a brotherhood of crystallized talent. Gifted musicians who enjoy a bond and synergy that is evident in their shows and live performances.

Tatewari – 2015
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