Batala San Pancho

Started by San Pancho resident Kelly Guenther (formally of Batala NYC 2013-2017) in 2019 with 7 friends playing buckets, the band is now 26 members strong and growing every week. We believe in the power of drums to bring connection and positivity to those who play and everyone who hears it. We are changing lives one beat at a time. We are available to play marches, festivals and events of any kind. Please reach out to join or book.

Batala San Pancho is part of a world music project started by Maestre Giba Goncalves over 20 years ago to share the power and joy of Afro Brazilian Samba Reggae percussion to the masses. Batala San Pancho is the newest Batala, one of over 45 Batala bands around the globe.

We are a community band, anyone is welcome to join, no experience necessary. We give you a drum and teach you everything you need to know.

All we ask for in return is commitment and a smile when you play.

Batala Hey!