Lobo on guitar with Willie

Wolfgang “Lobo” Fink was born in the Bavarian town of Teisendorf. At 18, while in the German navy, he picked up his first guitar. Listening to an album by gypsy guitarist Manitas de Plata drew him to the music. Upon leaving the navy, he found de Plata in a gypsy camp in Southern France and spent a while with him and his people. Returning to Germany, Lobo formed a flamenco group named Lailo, touring Europe for three years and helping to popularize the modern gypsy sound. His searches led him to Granada, Spain, living with gypsies in the caves of Sacromonte and studying their ways. He traveled to Mexico in 1980 as a solo act.

Lobo met Willie Royal in 1983 while working in San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico, where they were both working at Mama Mia’s restaurant. As each pursued their own individual solo albums they finally united in 1990 in Puerto Vallarta, and soon made a live recording as Willie and Lobo, which they dubbed PLAYING HARD. The pair recorded 12 studio albums over the years as Willie and Lobo.

Esaú Galván Saltos

2014 - Tatewari
Esaú Galván Saltos with Tatewari

Esaú Galván Saltos was born August 22, 1987 in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico to Jesús Galván and Socorro Saltos.  His father, Jesús, was a fisherman and his mother had a grocery store.  In the small fishing town of La Cruz at that time, there was a scarcity of music that interested the young man, but with the introduction of rock and other new music from the outside, he became intrigued by the guitar and its potential to create “his” music.

2013 Music Festival - Esau Galván Saltos of Tatewari
Esau Galván Saltos – 2013

At his parents’ insistence, Esaú left La Cruz to study biochemical engineering in Mazatlan.  He soon decided on a different track and after forming the group Tatewari with his friends, went on to Tepic to study music and guitar at the university.  During that time he traveled at least once a month to study flamenco guitar with Maestro Fernando Martinez Macias in Guadalajara.  After receiving his degree in 2010, he did three months of further study with Maestro Martinez in Guadalajara. Returning to La Cruz, he rededicated his time to Tatewari.  In 2011 Esau was fortunate to be able to travel to Spain to study at the prestigious Academia Cañarroto del Entri in Madrid where he furthered his skills in flamenco guitar also visiting Granada to get a first hand view of the authentic flamenco puro.

Esaú has an excellent reputation as a solo guitarist, playing Spanish guitar, flamenco, and other genres for weddings, private parties and events. He composes his own themes as well as those for the group Tatewari and has an extensive repertoire to offer. His talent is illustrated in his videos as well as the 3 CDs (fourth one on its way) with the band.