Dave Fisher

David Fisher

David Fisher is a resident of San Pancho, and has been a favorite for several years at the Music Festival.  In fact, David is one of the longest playing artists in the Festival, and has witnessed its evolution from the Festival’s grass-roots beginning.  He is a seasoned singer / songwriter who has been crafting his unique rhythmic and lyrical style ever since he picked up a guitar five decades ago.  Though strumming a guitar for more than 50 years, David says he has given up all hope that some day he may learn to play it.  Welcome to David’s world – where idiosyncratic guitar strumming provides a rhythmic canvas for the pictures and stories that he paints with lyric and poetry.

2013 Music Festival - Dave Fisher

2013 Music Festival – Dave Fisher

David is known for his diverse and original songscapes that include tunes such as an Ozark-tinged, country ballad “Jonny Cheep Cottonshot”,  a fantasy-rooted, jazz-inspired love song “My Lady of the Rain“,  an ode to longevity ambushed by a New Orleans funeral “I’ll Carry On”,  a scorched-earth, kamikaze-chorded, war-is-hell commentary “Smack Dab”, and a “life-could-be-good” melodic tune called “Set Me Free“.

David has many stories to tell… and not just in song.  As a long time performer and a supporter of the Music Festival, he has plenty to share with the audience and his fans.   Come hear what he has to say, and tap your toes as David weaves his tapestry of commentaries on life, and it’s twist and turns!  Welcome back David!