Norm Strauss

Norm Strauss

Norm Strauss has been a performing artist and record producer full time now for almost 25 years. He is based in Kelowna Canada and has toured the country coast to coast several times. He has performed at the Edmonton Folk Club, Cochrane Folk Club, Inglewood Music Club and many others in Western Canada over the years and always to rave reviews. For the last 10 years he has been living 6 months of every year in Germany in order to facilitate his European touring schedule which takes him all over that country, as well as into Switzerland and Holland. He is part of a well known artist community in Dresden and works (and lives) at the famous ‘Castle Studios’ as a producer.

He has appeared on national TV many times, including ‘The Voice’ and have performed over 500 concerts in Europe over the last 15 years including some major festivals such as Dresden City Fest (2x) and Meissen Wine Festival.

His concerts are characterized by authenticity, masterful storytelling and finger style guitar playing and strong vocals. To learn more about Norm Strauss see his website at:

Tony Kovacic

Tony Kovacic – 2015

Tony Kovacic’s  “meat-and-potatoes” vocals contrasts well against the melodic growlings of his bottleneck guitar, the dobro.  Tony has played in the Music Festival many times since his first appearance in 2011, when he staged with Son’s of the Beach from Lo de Marcos.  Tony vacations for several months each year in Lo de Marcos where he plays regularly with fellow musicians that winter near him.

Tony will be performing this year with Festival newcomer, Norm Strauss, and will be backing up singer-songwriter, Dave Fisher.