The Music Festival Revised Schedule


The San Pancho Music Festival is Celebrating its 18th Year!

The annual 3-day Music Festival will be held Friday, Feb. 23rd through Sunday, Feb. 25th, 2018 in San Pancho’s Plaza del Sol. The Music Festival features regional, national and international artists on two alternating stages providing continuous entertainment.

As we indicated a few days ago, this year’s Festival includes more performances than ever before.  These additional acts, and the typical challenges we face in accommodating the busy schedules of the artists, has caused a last minute revision to Saturday’s lineup.  So we are re-publishing the 2018 performance schedule to our subscribers. 

See the latest performance schedule here:  2018 Schedule

The event begins at 5pm each day, with performances up until 11pm each night.  A wide variety of food and beverage will be available for purchase in and around the Plaza.  A limited number of tables and chairs will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is recommended that visitors bring their own chairs or blankets.

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The Music Festival is supported by the generous donations of attendees, local residents, and businesses in San Pancho.  Make your tax deductible donation to the San Pancho Music Festival by clicking on this link:  PayPal donation to the Music Festival.

CD’s and merchandise will be for sale at the Festival, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the performing artists.

Come join us at The San Pancho Music Festival for three unforgettable days of music in one of the most beautiful regions of Mexico!


Friday, Feb. 23rd through Sunday Feb. 25th , 2018  

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A Message About this Year’s Festival

Well friends, the 18th Annual San Pancho Music Festival begins in a few days, and we are truly thrilled at what will be our biggest lineup in the history of the Festival!

Each year we try to change the format around in order to come up with different ways to present the incredible amount of talent that the Festival attracts.  This year is no exception!  By changing around the way that we utilize the two stages, we are able to feature six additional acts this year, compared to prior years.  That is only possible because we have one of our longtime sound engineers from 9 years ago, Sam Curtis, coming down from Oregon to help out.  With the extra man power, we will be able to turn over the smaller stage for the first time this year, putting up to four acts additional acts on it each night.

With these six additional spaces, we were able to have back many of the Festival favorites, and also include a number of newcomers to the festivities.  Here is an introduction to some of those new faces.

We start out on Friday with Grupo Fantasy, a popular group out of Puerto Vallarta, that is appearing for the first time at the Festival.  Next up is the debut of one of San Pancho’s newest residents, violinist Karen Bentley Pollick, who will be accompanied by her keyboardist Don Slepian.  They will be appearing at 7:00pm.  The band “Moonset”, from Hermosillo, but currently calling San Pancho home, will be showing us their stuff at 7:30pm on Friday, joined by the ever capable Panta Rei rhythm section.

Kicking off the night on Saturday is the great Julio Cabrera.  While Julio has graced our stage in the past, this year he is bringing his quartet, which we’re excited about.  Julio starts at 5:00pm on Saturday, so please get there early, and get a good seat in the process!  Following Julio is Las Naves, featuring Valentín Gonzalez, with Gabo on bass.  They will bring their eclectic mix of original music beginning at 5:45pm.  Longtime Festival fixture, Jeff Oster, will also be back again this year, but in addition to returning with bassist extraordinaire, Michael Manring, he will also be bringing down from the States, the incredible Brazilian drummer, Celso Alberti. Ending the night on Saturday is the San Pancho based group, Ensemble Timbon, who has been with us before, but this year will appear as a 12 piece group, to provide some great dancing at the end the night.

On Sunday, things kick off with a rocking start, with the band Soul Trip at 5pm. Some of you heard them in town a month ago at a private event, and word spread quickly about them. This will be their first appearance at the Festival, so please get there early on Sunday to catch this spirited act.  At 5:45pm will be the group Limonea.  While many may recognize some of these musicians as members of other popular regional groups, this will be the first time that they will be presenting their original music to the Festival.  At 8:15pm we will get a preview of the Swing Break Festival, which begins in San Pancho as soon as the Music Festival ends, and goes for one week.  Since some of the musicians for the Festival were going to be down from the States a day early, they have agreed to come give us a preview of what they have in store for the coming week, complete with swing dancers!   Last but not least of the “newcomers” is the band Grim Factory that will be performing at 8:45pm.   This band, with their ingeniously eclectic song list, has been establishing a growing following around the region in very short period of time.

And these are just the new acts that will be appearing this year!  Interspersed with this lineup will be many of the Festival favorites that have delighted the crowd for years, including an amazing lineup of some of the top divas around;  Jenna Mammina, Nina from Caravane, Guadalupe from Panta Rei, Ambar Carvajal from Moonset, Dana Maxey from Frida’s Eyebrow, Zoe Chilco….oh! and we’re excited to announce the return of Marisa Bango, from the group La Patrona!   Then there are the guys…..!!  Can’t wait!

We hope to see you at Plaza del Sol this weekend, Feb. 23rd, 24th, & 25th!